Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nashnul Parks

A more upbeat post - you're welcome...

Well, Shabbos was really wonderful. S&S joined us at The FamBily House for a Thanksgiving weekend. The Crazy Lazy outdid herself in the cooking department - everything was absolutely delicious. I was thankful to not have to clean my house and also for awesome FamBily. Buzz had a blast with his Aunt and Uncles. He was also thrilled to have Bubby and Zaydie around too! He's always happy to spend time with his Savta and Sababi - but it was a super special treat for him to have everybody! Only The Freddies were missing - we hope they'll come visit again super soon!
Today was jam-packed with activities. Not only did I do some housekeeping type stuff, but I went on a semi-unplanned outing with Phil and The Crazy Lady. We had a blast at Neimi Mall. We did a fairly thorough exploration of Max Stock (where I pre-spent my Chanuka money on some awesome bowls for fleishigs and a new flashlight for Buzz to use at bedtime for stories.) Next we terrorized Osher Ad, silly #9 gave us some trouble so we ended up ditching it. But I did get us the fire-lighting-paraphernalia required for Chanuka.

Back at home I did some stuff around the house then it was time to go pick up Buzz from gan. We made a fun detour on the way home today. We had a play date with one of Buzz's classmates. It was cute and he had a great time even though he was a little shy and quiet while we were there. Hopefully we can get together more before we move! Maybe they'll even come here too! 

Dinner was a little late and on the fly - so I threw fries and shnitzels into the oven. Buzz was thrilled with the selection. Stars and moons are his favorites.
Every day this week has things booked to do - I'm tired just thinking about it.

Day by day.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

ViShavu Banim

Good news - Puppy has been found!

At least one thing went right today.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Red in the water

Hello stress. I thought we'd come to an understanding. I thought we'd come to an agreement. I thought we understood each other. You could be the annoying little voice in my head, and I could ignore you. But you aren't keeping up your part of the deal. Either that or we have very different ideas of what decibel level 'little voice' is meant to be set at. Because when you're so loud that you obliterate the possibility of sane thought and make it hard to breathe or think and make it impossible to do productive things... Well, we have a problem.

We adopted a new printer this week. S&S weren't using it, so we happily brought it home and hooked it up. It works great! Next step is to swap out our computer tower with a spare functioning one from The FamBily House. Getting there.

Yesterday I cleaned a whole lot of the house. Mostly because The Parentals came to babysit for Buzz last night and partly because it really needed a good cleaning. 

Today all I did was make two chicken pot pies. Then I ate 1/4 of a pie by myself - which probably doesn't sound impressive - but for me, it's quite an accomplishment.

We did enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner at The FamBily House. Buzz had requested a BBQ with hotdogs and The Crazy Lady kindly obliged. Hotdogs and shnitzel with fries and the works. A&A joined us too - it's really nice to have family around. Plus Z lucked out, just enough leftovers for a really yummy chicken sandwich for lunch tomorrow.

Unfortunately today we hit a sad parenting milestone. Buzz's best friend, puppy, went missing. Puppy disappeared along with Buzz's red sippy cup. We are hoping that there is some sort of reasonable explanation, and that they turn up tomorrow. The Crazy Lady lovingly lent Buzz a substitute puppy while his is 'on vacation' and I'm pretty sure that I'm taking the loss harder than he is. However, the night is still relatively young and there are many hours until morning which leaves a whole lot of time for sadness and abandonment-hysteria to strike. I am not looking forward to getting through tonight.

I feel like I need an extra therapy session or three. There is just way too much big stuff going on at once. My head feels like it's going to explode.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Avoidance as a way of life.

Life is teaching me to never dream big, because dreaming big leads only to disappointment. Now I've asked for too much and I'm going to get it, only to have to give it all up because it's unsustainable.

When you reach the point where you need to prioritize whether to buy the meds that make it possible for you to eat OR the food to eat...

Talk about annoyingly hard decisions.

I guess we could just cancel our internet and cell phones.

That'll balance the budget for a few months if I stop going to therapy.

Oh yeah, I'm in a REALLY good place right now.

Good thing I get to waste 350 shekels on a therapy session tomorrow.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


My words are still kind of muddled. I'll just let photos from the last two weeks do the talking for me.

Friday, November 06, 2015

An End, A Window

It's been a very long and overly exhausting week and a half.

I hope to be back soon.

Sending comfort and peace to all who need.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Brick Red

I left you in suspense on Thursday night. Well, by Friday evening Buzz was running a fever but it was nothing alarming so we figured we'd ride it out until Sunday. Of course by Sunday he was perfectly fine but we couldn't send him to gan because of the whole '24 hours fever free' policy. Thankfully Monday morning rolled around and off they both went.
Whoops, I got a little ahead of myself. Shabbos was a lot of fun. Abe came to visit. The chicken soup came out perfect (in Z's opinion - which meant a tad on the salty side but actually really delicious.) Everything was excellent besides Buzz being whiny and whatnot on account of being sick with who knows what. We caved at 3pm Shabbos afternoon and took him out to the deserted park to play. He was suffering from major cabin fever and nobody else was out at the park at that hour so we ventured forth. Buzz was thrilled.

That night before going to sleep we changed our clocks back an hour. And the next morning at 5:30, Buzz was up and ready to roll. *jumbo yawn*
Sunday was a complete 'do nothing' day. I was determined to make it the most boring day of the kid's life. (Obviously in an attempt to disabuse him of the notion that 'home' is THE funniest place to be ALWAYS and forever.) I'm not sure if it worked, but on Monday he went back to gan and when I picked him up he was mighty cheerful.
While he was at gan on Monday I utilized my time in questionably productive ways. Namely by piping two big baking trays full of candy eyeballs. It's Tuesday and I'm still waiting for them to dry completely. Since Halloween falls out on Saturday, AND we are having Z's gang of friends over for brunch on a Shabbos - I decided to make a significant nod at my favorite excuse for decorating things electric green, orange, and purple! Obviously spookiness factor and eyeballs figure in there prominently. It might be pagan, but away from the brouhaha of 'The West', it becomes whatever I want to make of it. And I want to make it fun.
As I've mentioned, now that Z is back in school Mondays are one of our VERY long days. So when I picked Buzz up from gan we went to the park for an hour. Then back at home we had a drawn out bath time, scrambled eggs super for supper, then finally it was 7ish and Buzz was exhausted so bedtime. I used my time wisely - washed some dishes, made a lasagna for shabbos... Productivity.
This morning kicked off with a whole lot of rain. It rained in random bursts of 5-10 minutes. I ended up getting dressed on the early side since I was expecting a delivery. I also completed sample collection for the second round of testing that the dr has me doing now in an attempt to find an underlying cause for my issues - since it was bright and sunny out (between squalls) I quickly ran out to the post office and mailed off the package.

At 3:20 the skies opened. As 3:30 neared I accepted the fact that the storm was not going to ease up. Dressed in rainboots, armed with two umbrellasand  a kid-carrier, wearing my waterproof jacket, and carrying a spare pair of pajama pants - I set off. Boy oh boy was it wet.

The teachers were horrified/shocked and amused that I had walked AND even more so when they realized that we were on foot for the return journey. I assured them that the kind of rain we were experiencing had never caused anybody to melt. Then I slung Buzz up on my back, pulled his waterproof poncho over his head, hitched up all the bags, slid my arms into my raincoat backwards, assembled out umbrella tent-roof, and headed out into the storm. We were heading to The FamBily House which meant either trekking all the way there or a 20 minute wait at the bus stop.

Halfway to the bus stop, I heard a vehicle honking behind me. I glanced over my shoulder as I heard it for a second time and noticed an off-duty bus pulling over to the curb very slowly (so as not to splash us). The driver opened the door and called out to me that he would be glad to give us a ride to our destination. Unsure about accepting a ride from a stranger, and even more anxious at asking him to take me to an out-of-the-way street I hesitated. He joked that I was probably wearing Buzz on my back to keep him from getting swept downstream by the muddy river of water that the street had become. Then the rain got stronger, the wind got windier, and the river that was the road flowed faster. I thanked the driver and clambered aboard.

I gave him the street name and he graciously drove us to The FamBily's street. He let us off at the corner and I thanked him profusely. He jokingly said that next time it rains he'll keep an eye out for us. I apologized for having dripped water everywhere and told him that I'd bring cookies next time.

Buzz and I made our way down the street.
It was warm and dry at The FamBily House. Well, dry enough. The Parentals had gone to Ginot to visit. So we made ourselves comfortable. Dibble was Home playing on the Xbox and the kitties were being silly. 

Eventually The Parentals made it home. The Crazy Lady cooked up an awesomely delicious and filling Taco Tuesday dinner for us. We dined and dashed as is our usual.

We drugged Buzz with allergy meds and some mucolit because then ever-shifting weather is making his little system craaaaazy. He's ok, just has that annoying seal cough that scares teachers. I'm hoping that the allergy meds actually help him sleep tonight. (I'm an exhausted mom, obviously I have ulterior motives...)
Tomorrow I'm thinking I might bake the mini cakes or some cookies for Shabbos. The week is going to be over in no time!