Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Black Came Back!

At 9am Z dropped me off at The FamBily House - to spare me the walk across town at 10:30. Phil was in the kitchen when I arrived and I managed to 'convince' her that we should make ourselves some breakfast. A delicious potato 'thing' and a 1-egg cheese omelette later we were feasting well suddenly the doorbell rang...

The dog began his frenzied barking. Phil went to the door in a confused daze and opened the door - a shaliach from the post office was waiting with an incredibly heavy box. Phil signed for the package, then pushed the box inside because it was too heavy to lift. "Who ordered what?!" She asked (somewhat annoyed that she had been left with the responsibility of signing for the package which generally indicates that there are taxes due on the parcel.)
We dragged the heavy box inside and stared at it slightly confused. Upon further inspection we noticed that Phil's name was listed as the intended recipient. Only a full two minutes later did Phil spring excitedly into action, "I know what it is!" She cried. "I ordered something the other day!!!" Victoriously she cut through the tape that held the box shut.
Turns out Phil had ordered gifts for The Parentals and herself. We wrapped up the 'gift' box then did some mental gymnastics coming up with the perfect letter to attach to it. I think the end result was pretty much perfect.
I picked Buzz up from his second day at gan and we spent the rest of the day lounging around The FamBily House. Buzz's teacher said that although he had a frantic freak-out when Z left after dropping him off, that he calmed down pretty quickly. The rest of the day was spent playing happily. So much so that when I went to pick him up he was so busy playing that I had to wait until he was 'finished' to collect his bag and head home. It was heartening and adorable all at the same time.
The day was long but we kept busy. Eventually Z came back from work. We dine&dash-ed as we are wont to do when Buzz is overtired and crabby and it's 'that time of night'. Buzz attempted to kidnap The Crazy Lady but she managed to make it safely back to her home much to his chagrin - mostly mollified by the thought of seeing her again tomorrow.
Til then...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ice Ice Buzzy!

I started this post last week on Thursday - I wrote a paragraph then spaced out and never finalized or posted - so I'll include my original intro along with a quick 'catch-up' blurb...
We started the morning at 6:30. Z left for his dentist appointment at 9:30 as I freaked out over whether our babysitter was going to show up. Thankfully Frank saved our tushes by rolling out of bed and watching Buzz while I dashed out to my appointment at 10:30. Buzz was less than enthused by the idea of being 'babysat' and threw a 15 minute whirlwind tantrum with all of his special features - tears, snot, lying on the floor, and screaming like his big/little heart would explode at any moment. Thankfully he was able to be appeased with some Curious George. I can home to find the kid and the sitter snuggled up with a bag of bamba watching some Daniel Tiger on the iPod.

I honestly don't remember what else happened on Thursday. Friday was a whirlwind of preparation for shabbos. We had Rikuda&co over for the weekend. It was quite the exciting get-together. Shaleshudes at The FamBily House - Rudy and a friend were there too. Our guests stayed over motzash - but left super early on Sunday morning in reorder to make a meeting near their house. Yesterday Buzz and I cleaned up the house from our crazy party weekend. Then we went out to the park for about an hour and a half.

This morning was Buzz's first morning at gan! Z took him and I picked him up. He had a tough time dealing with the fact that we weren't there but the teacher said that during structured activities he had a great time. He was very relived when when I showed up to take him home. We hung out at The FamBily House for a while. When the mailman passed by he dropped off a super special letter for me from Aunt Foo!!! 
Then we went out to the shopping center at Bilu with the Parentals and S&S. It was a delightful few hours. We wandered through the mall, and enjoyed the breeze, and the company. S&S treated us to awesome presents which we really appreciated! After our excursion we went back to The FamBily House and eventually Z came home.

Dinner then we dashed to get Buzz into bed. Thankfully he settled down and conked out after a 'quick' 20 minute bedtime-routine.

Hopefully he'll get lots of rest tonight. If he stays in his own bed I'd be extremely grateful. Hoping for an early morning wake-up so that we can give Buzz a bath before sending him off to gan. Tomorrow pick-up is at 11am - so it's a short-day but I'm planning to relish the quiet while I can.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Philday!!!

Relatively boring day. I finally washed the meat dishes (yeah, they'd been sitting in the sink since Friday night...) Buzz helped me do a load of laundry - we did a hot white wash and tossed the gunked up netilat yadayim cup in with the load. - everything came out sparkling clean. We picnicked on the filthy, dusty, mirpeset for an impromptu lunch. Tomorrow we're scheduled to wash the floor out there.

When Z got home from work we went out to Osher Ad to do the grocery shopping. I hadn't intended to buy anything for this weekend, but since we're having guests the plan had to be revised. When we finished at the grocery store we split up. The boys took all of the bags to the car and I scoured the upper level of the shopping center for a backpack for Buzz. Unfortunately all of the 'boy' bags seem to have already been bought up - I had to look in over a dozen stores to find own that wasn't overtly feminine. Eventually I managed to find a blue one with a cartoon character on it - at least it's just a cartoon monkey. The kid seemed delighted with his tiny bag. I hope he still likes it when he realizes that we're packing his stuff in it then sending him off to school - alone...

Z did 1/3rd of his job cutting up the chickens that we bought - I have a sneaking suspicion that I will end up finishing that tomorrow. You know, the same way I generally end up doing everything around here.

Speaking of which - I need to write checks for Buzz's gan - I can't believe that we'll be paying over US$6,000  to send him to gan this year. I kid you not, 21,600NIS. It is just not normal - except that evidently it is. After the chagim I'm planning to go back to work full-time. I'm tired just thinking about it. No choice though - as it is funding 'the house that will never be built' is going to take a miracle.

One day at a time though. Tomorrow: dentist appointment (IF the babysitter show up), mirpeset washing, chicken soup cooking, pan-frying chicken breast, FF snickerdoodles, and a bunch of other cleaning-related stuff... Maybe I'll even manage to find space for four people to sleep in my overcrowded mamad. Who knows, crazier things have happened.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cheese and Ini-inis!

Yesterday was such a busy day that I was too zonked to type anything by the time we managed to get Buzz to sleep.
The day kicked off nice and quietly enough. After the hectic and crazy long-weekend I had planned to lazily spend the day doing laundry and lounging around the house in my pajamas. However it was The Freddie's last day of vacation in The Sun House, so when Freddie called to ask whether we could come out to play we quickly got dressed and went.

Our first stop was the big new park on huge other side of town. The 'little kids' side and the swings are covered with a great sunshade so it was cooler than standing around in use blazing morning sun. The kids had a blast swinging and chasing each other around all over the place.

Our next stop was the Neimi mall area. We were looking for a specific store - so we wandered alllll the way down to one end of the street and then back up to the other end but couldn't find it. The kiddos were hungry for 'izza!' so we stopped at Pizza Hut for some lunch. They devoured their slices while I did another run of the strip to look for the store. Lo and behold it was located directly next to the pizza place, but it was all closed up. Thoroughly bemused, we piled back into the car.

Our next stop was S&S's house for a quick visit. The little people were ecstatic to see their Greats and Little Miss showed off a whole lot of her skills including ABCs, counting, and ballerina-inspired pirouettes.

After saying goodbye to S&S we drove over to The FamBily House. The kiddos were over-zonked so they both took naps. When they woke up we got back in the car and drove out to the BIG mall where we met up with S&S and the kids got to play in the Gymboree for a nice long while.
When the Parentals arrived with Dibble we made our way to Rimon for a birthday dinner in honor of Phil. The funny thing was that Phil was working and as such was unable to join us. She figured things out though, by waiting until the food was arriving at the table then strategically taking her half hour 'lunch break' and showing up to enjoy some delicious Italian Salad with croutons 'on the side' - but literally. Dinner was great fun and highly enjoyable! 

On our way out of the mall after dinner Buzz was thrilled with the gift from S&S that he got to pick out all by himself - a fancy new dump truck! This morning he woke up bright and early to play with it! He even makes beeping noises when the trucks goes in reverse, just like the real thing.
When I woke up at 6:00 this morning I checked my email and found out that the water on our street was scheduled to be turned off for a number of hours beginning at 9am. I figured I might as well make use of the time I had - so I popped out of bed. First I cooked some pasta for Z to take for lunch, along with meat-sauce from the freezer. The dairy and pareve dishes got washed, and I also managed to get 2 loads of laundry done by 9:00am!

I think I've got my Shabbos menu figured out - Rikuda&co will be joining us for the weekend. I'm working on my shopping list and just need to find some time to head out to the grocery store - probably tomorrow evening when z gets home from work.
It's only 9:20am, and now that I've done most of the housework that I was meant to do today I'll have to find other things to occupy my time. Anything water-related will have to wait - like bathing The Buzz, washing the other loads of laundry, and cleaning the mirpeset. I suppose there's nothing stopping me from folding and putting away the mountain of laundry that has accumulated on the computer-desk now that we don't have a computer to use. Or organizing the beds in the guest room so that our guests can use them when the weekend gets here, or straightening up the kitchen pantry, or organizing the bookcases in the living room... Maybe we'll be adventurous and just head over to The FamBily Houseo or we can just be super-extra-lazy and get comfy on the couch and watch tv until the water comes back on. So many choices...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Quack quack quack...

Last week on Wednesday The Freddies came out to The Sun House for a weeklong vacation at The FamBily House. First Freddie and the Little Miss played at our house, then Buzz and I walked over to The FamBily house and hung out until after dinner.

On Thursday morning I baked a whole lot of cookies. As I finished mixing up the sugar cookies, Yo'Abba picked us up from our house and brought us over to The FamBily House . We spent the rest of the day hanging out with Little Miss while The Freddies were out at work. I shlepped our busted desktop tower to The Parental's for Timmy to look at. When we got home Z's friend called to ask if they could hang out. I couldn't think of any reason why not so he went over and they watched a movie while I baked cookies and prayed there wouldn't be any sirens. All in all it was a fun but crazy day. 

Friday morning kicked off with kneading up a full batch of challah dough - I'm still not sure what possessed me to make so much dough. I ended up shaping: 11 small rolls, 9 medium rolls, and 3 large loaves. I also baked more cookies. Z and Buzz went out to brunch at his friend's house in Ein-Karem. While they were out I: prepped the chicken for dinner, cooked rice, swept the floor, cleared/washed/set the table, got the candles ready, and cleaned up Buzz's assorted scattered toys from all over the house. Eventually SL arrived, since she was staying for the weekend. Z and Buzz got home too. After some showers and last minute things we managed to make early shabbos right on time.

The next morning we woke up and got ourselves ready to head out. We walked over to The FamBily House, where we spent the entire day. Delicious dairy brunch, some rummikub and relaxing, a great fleishigs seudah shlishit, havdalah, and then we got a ride home. Buzz had napped (on Phil's nap - for a nice long hour) but we still managed to get him to sleep at about 9:45.

This morning we woke up super early. Buzz got a bath, we packed up our bags, and then we waited to be picked up. Finally The Parentals arrived. We were running late so instead of taking the train, we drove, to the zoo! Buzz was slightly overwhelmed by the masses of other kids visiting the zoo but he warmed up pretty quickly. (Especially considering that it was 38C in the park.) Lots of monkeys, bears, birds, kangaroos, and even flamingos! It was so much fun. 

After the zoo we went back to The FamBily House. When Z arrived we popped out and checked out a gan for Buzz. We actually signed him up at the end of our tour because it looks like a great program and we've heard great reviews from lots of people.

We then went back to The Parental's for some dinner. Finally we went home and got Buzz into bed. It took him a while to conk out, but it happened eventually.
Tomorrow we have to do some housework. Hopefully we'll get an outing in at some point.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Potato Phone

Wow - a whole week has gone by. I'm not sure how that happened or even what happened on most of the days that I missed.

We spent Shabbos at The FamBily House - because our power was out for a few hours on Friday and I had no clue when it would be back so I wasn't sure when I'd be able to cook. I baked challah at The FamBily House,then we ran home to shower and pack up a bag. It was a nice Shabbos until on Saturday afternoon Micki passed away after a battle with kitty-cancer.

So far this week has been quite quiet. Both yesterday and today I baked. Yesterday it was yeasted goodies - cinnamon buns and pesto rolls. Today Buzz snapped a sweet potato in half while 'cooking' in his little kitchen - so I repurposed it into puree and then turned it into donuts.

Tomorrow The Freddies' Sun-House party begins. Buzz and I will probably head over to the FamBily House at some point.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Granola is like Bird Seed, but isn't..."

We have been super busy since last week...
On Friday morning we ran out to the grocery store for some last minute items for the weekend. Buzz insisted on wearing the backpack and riding his car. It was highly amusing to watch. 
Shabbos was a ton of fun. Phil and Timmy joined us for lunch and ended up spending the day. Buzz was absolutely thrilled to have a captive aunt and uncle for his own personal entertainment. We did a quick park run but for the most part we basked in the air-conditioning.
Sadly on Saturday night I wasn't feeling too great. When Sunday morning rolled around and I wasn't feeling much better I became slightly paranoid that my food had poisoned everybody. Thankfully Phil and Timmy assured me that they were feeling fine. Buzz and Z were also feeling ok, so it was just me who was out of sorts
Sunday dragged by - it took like what seemed forever. In the span of two minutes when I spaced out at around 6:30PM, Buzz conked out. Z had decided to stay at work late in order to sit with his boss on some info for the house plans - which was great - but also bad since the kid conked out so early.
Monday wasn't decidedly better for me considering the kid woke up for the day at a little before 5am. At some point I found the strength to wash all of the dairy dishes that were still sitting in the sink for Shabbos - but that wiped me out for the remainder of the day. When Z got home from work we went out to the mall to let Buzz burn off some of his over-abundant energy stores.
Last night I decided that my prolonged symptoms were most likely characteristic of a virus of sorts - but I decided to book an appointment with the dr just to be sure. However my 'usual' GP is not in on Tuesdays and also I had no idea what to do with my (adorable but rambunctious) 2 year old (who refuses to even go into buildings bearing the health-clinic symbol because we definitely emotionally scarred him with the whole hospital thing...)
Luckily my friend was able to suggest another awesome GP. The catch - his office is in RBS. Thankfully Z agreed to go in to work late so that I could go to the dr. He also drove me to the office and kept Buzz entertained at the park while I had my appointment. (How awesome is he?!) Luckily the dr. agreed that I'm most likely just suffering from a virus - but said that I looked rather dehydrated and recommended IV fluids. That turned into a whole different experience where I spent an hour hooked up to a drip in a  comfy chair in the nurses office of the local medical-clinic. I got a big awesome surprise when my mom showed up to take me home. Or to her home at any rate - since that's where Z and Buzz had ended up when they left me at the clinic.
Thankfully I am feeling moderately better. I spent the afternoon curled up on a couch at The FamBily House and Z ended up staying home to watch Buzz so that I could rest. Hopefully I'll feel even better tomorrow. Who knows, by Thursday I might even have energy to clean my disaster-area of an apartment and maybe even take Buzz to the park.