Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sweet Lemony Dreams!

On Thursday it rained. A lot. I decided to be productive in the morning and kept busy baking 2-dozen chocolate chip muffins. I also did a whole lot of cleaning. Then I went a little crazy and walked to gan pickup.

Pickup was funny because all of the other parents offered me a ride to the destination of my choice. I thanked them all profusely and insisted that Buzz and I would be perfectly fine walking the three minutes downhill to The FamBily House. With Buzz on my back wearing his rainproof dinosaur poncho, my raincoat on backwards to keep all the bags dry, and an umbrella held aloft by a super-excited Buzz we set out. Less than five minutes later we were safe and sound at The FamBily House.
Friday morning kicked off early. Buzz was eager to get to gan since he was excited to bake challah and be 'shabbat abba' of the week. I got to work baking desserts and cooking up a fancy red-wine reduction to serve over the meat we had planned for dinner. A&A joined us for dinner which was really nice. 
The food at both meals turned out exceptionally delicious. For dinner we had crystal clear golden chicken soup (check out how clear it was before I cooked it up with the veggies and it got its dark golden glow). The main course was pan seared medallions of beef filet, served with the red wine reduction, green beans, and crispy roasted potatoes (which I parboiled then painstakingly seasoned without turning them to mush). Lunch was super-simple but sometimes that is perfection. I had perfectly roasted a whole chicken, served it up with Jasmine rice cooked in a 'squidge' of onion oil for a hint of flavor, and baby green peas.
After lunch we dilly-dallied around the house for a while. Then we bundled up and made our way over to The FamBily House. Buzz was ecstatic to see Abi and Ebi - because (evidently) Uncles are a neverending source of attention and chocolate!

After Havdalah Yo'Abba gave us a lift back home. On Friday I was sneaky and mixed up some cold-rise pizza dough - so tonight it was ready to party. Sarah Leah was supposed to come over but plans are always fluid when it comes to Motzash and public transportation - so she wasn't able to make it to us. Which just means more pizza for Z - and I don't hear him complaining. 
Tomorrow is a whole new week. I have a ton of organizing that a I've been putting off and I think the time has come to tackle at least one or two of the things from my list. Tonight I actually (finally) did some filing/paperwork which had been piling up for the last 4 months. 

I desperately need to organize the remainder of the photos from both of my cameras so that I can print for the 'second half' of 2014. And the bookcases in the living room are a disaster.

Hopefully I'll manage to get something useful done tomorrow! I hope!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Eeeeb & Abi!!!

Photo recap of the last two weeks:
We've been keeping very busy. Cooking, cleaning, experimenting. 
Last week we enjoyed(?) our first extreme winter storm. It snowed in places around the country but we got no furries in The Sun House. The temperatures did sink down to freezing and it rained for days and days on end.
Cold weather didn't keep us from leaving the house though. We visited the local bakery and stocked up on junk food for our weekend with Dibble.
Buzz is adding words to his vocabulary at lightning speed. Granted, they're all Hebrew, but they're words and that's progress. This week alone he's been very excited about 'limonim & alim' (lemons & leaves). Today he told us all about his 'lachmanya' (roll) and insisted that we give him a sheet of 'madbekot' (stickers) for arts&crafts.
We are moving ahead on the house. Today we went window shopping - literally! Well, sort of. We met with the window people to confirm what we want the windows to look like and how many we need. Now we have an official list to send out in order to get proposals for the work. Yay!
We stopped off at IKEA on the way home. It was on the way and dinner time so it just seemed to make sense. We picked up some more bag clips and a new bridge for the train tracks too. Buzz was happy - we let him choose dessert...

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Extra Cheese

Spa-outing yesterday with The Crazy Lady was great. I found a new favorite winter nail-polish color and decided to treat myself to a bottle of it. It should arrive in time for my anniversary. Isn't Z lucky? Now he doesn't have to waste any time stressing over what to get me.

Last night Buzz refused to go to sleep without calling his Papa! We had called Papa on Sunday and though Buzz had spaced out and hadn't said much he really enjoyed it. Sadly nobody was home hesterdy, but we made a little video of Buzz begging to try to call again. We told him that we would try again soon which cheered him up. (Check out the video here: )

This morning Ayala needed to get out of her house and she had the car so she invited me on an outing. We did an osher ad and bakery run. Then we went to the mall, just for good measure. Got home with plenty of time to eat lunch. Then a brisk walk to gan pickup.

Buzz is adding words to his vocabulary every single day! Today they learned about fish (Dag in hebrew) and they even colored in a picture of a fish which got stuck to a popsicle stick. When I arrived to pick Buzz up he proudly displayed his creation and informed me that it was a 'dag'! The ganenet also told me that when the package of biscuits was empty at snack time Buzz called her over by saying, "Nigmar!" Which means, 'they're finished!' Super cute!

At The FamBily House things were flying. The new dishwasher was installed today and it was running quietly. The loudest part of the cycle was more quiet than a purring kitten. The Crazy Lady was making a triple batch of crepes. Yo'Abba fixed up the trusty dolly with some help from Buzz. (See Buzz help his Sababi: )

At home dinner was some shnitzel with the second to last portion of the latkes. How are there still latkes left? I didn't think that I'd made so many...

Monday, December 29, 2014

I'm Gumby!

Shabbos was successful. I got the food cooked and somehow most of the house got cleaned. Buzz conked out in the middle of dinner at 6:15, and I got him into bed without waking him. Downside? Well, he woke up at 1:30am and bounced around for 2 hrs seemingly recharged. Then at 3:30 he fell back asleep for 2.5 more hours. Shabbos afternoon we visited with A&A and then The FamBily.

Sunday was quiet and back to normal. I finally put away the menorahs. I washed all of the dishes, did some laundry, and pretended to straighten up the house. I also did a quick logo/business card project

At gan pickup the ganenet wistfully informed me that Buzz no longer naps in gan. He had been sleeping for 30-45 mins every day since Sukkot and it was wreaking havoc with our bedtime routine. For the last two weeks he has been self-weaning from it. I'm not complaining except that most nights he still tries to hang on until 8:30/9pm which is ridiculous because he is exhausted and super-kvetchy by 6:30/7.

This morning Z is off to Jeru to collect two of the final signatures for our building permit. If the electric company would stop striking then we would be able to walk out of the va'ada with our official paper later this week.

The Crazy Lady and I are going for mani/pedis this morning. Because a pampering break is exactly what we need.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Welcome Lavi Ori!!!

Ohmygoodnes!!! What a day!! I woke up at 4am due to gnawing anxiety over the upcoming car ride. Thankfully managed to get it in check before forcing Z to take Buzz to gan. Then we were off to Petah Tiqwa. We snagged an alright parking spot and dashed into the shul just in time for the main event.
The crowd was a great one. It was a very heartfelt and 'mechubad' gathering. Very enjoyable. Z actually didn't get antsy about getting back on the road until the seuda was over - so that was nice.
We gave Frank and Timmy a ride back to The Sun House. On the drive we concocted a plan to squeeze in an anniversary something for the Parentals. 31 years of marriage seemed worth celebrating, or at least acknowledging.
So on our way home we stopped off at the grocery store. We walked out armed with four types of fresh herbs, some red wine, a nice piece of meat, and some baby potatoes. The plan was set.
Of course we stopped off at the amazing new 'New York Bakeshop', conveniently located next to the grocery store. Z even bought me flowers for shabbos. How often does that happen?!
At home I tracked down an anniversary sign. I also washed all of the dishes that had accumulated in the dairy sink over the course of the week. I baked a batch of brownies. Then before I knew it, 3:20 had rolled around and it was time to head out to pick up Buzz.
We got to The FamBily House as the demi-glacé reached tongue tingling perfection and Frank washed the floor. I washed a sink of random dishes just to feel like I was contributing. Timmy had the food all under control. Buzz was super enthused about all of the excitement.
The boys set the table. Buzz checked it out from every angle, and hung up the sign on the sliding doors. The time flew by and suddenly it was 6pm. We tossed the potatoes in to roast, Timmy got the salad course ready, and we seated our guests of honor.
The main course was fillet mignon grilled to perfection with an out of this world red wine reduction, officially named the Scarborough Fair Delight. The potatoes were seasoned with the same herbs and baked to perfection. Basically - everything was perfect!
Dessert wasn't anything to sneeze at either. Brownie with ganache and pineapple sorbet. Delicious. So very delicious.

After dessert Z surprised everyone by washing up all of the meat dishes. Then we packed up and shlepped the very overtired Buzz home. The kid was overtired and on such a high that it took about an hour to get him to lie down in his bed. Eventually Z got him to conk out. Thankfully.
All in all today was extremely successful. However, I am completely exhausted.

Tomorrow is shabbos prep time - again. I haven't exactly decided on a menu yet. That may complicate matters in the morning. Oh well, I have a few hours to get things done. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

50/3 = 16 & change...

On the last day of Chanuka, the electric company went on strike. Which meant that Z wasted a trip out to Ashkelon to try to pick up the signed paper that we need for the house. In other news we are being forced to build a wall that we don't really need, on our dime, because the people who make the rules in this country are a bunch of self-important, lazy, cheap, morons. 

The good news from today is that we can officially go and get the final signature on our house-plans. Of course we need to re-collect the official signatures of the architect and engineer, but they've been apprised of the projects continued evolution so that's no big deal. The point is that hopefully hopefully we can actually begin building in the next few months. Of course there is the major hurdle of getting the technical blueprints drafted and hiring a contractor - but at the very least we've jumped through the beuracratic hoops, run enough pointless missions, and kissed enough peoples' figurative behinds to gather all of the paperwork to get approval to break-ground.
Today I decided that it would be a lot of fun to start working on a jumbo hook-rug that I had stashed away in my part boxes. Of course after tearing apart the guest room in search of it, I realized that the box was most likely down in the machsan. So I put on some clothes and ventured down to the bowels of the building. 

It dawned on me that if I was digging through our storage room that it might be prudent to extract all of the baby-boy clothes that have been gathering dust for the last 2 years. I shlepped 4 full 65liter plastic tubs up to the apartment and went through them to determine what was where and how things were.
The Parentals were (thankfully) willing to pick up the boxes, so they are officially going to be delivered to The Freddies tomorrow. It makes more sense to store them there since they will need them in the coming months. They also have two spare bedrooms, and those bedrooms aren't dank, damp, or moldy.

To bring the story full circle - I did manage to locate the hook-rug kit. By the time I was ready to sit down and work on it, a glance at the size of it and the fact that there are twenty-two different colors of yarn, convinced me to save it for another day. 
Buzz is adding more words to his lexicon daily. It's great! The only hitch is that most of the new words are in Hebrew. His teacher was so excited to tell me all about how today, for the very first time in gan, Buzz brought his cup over and asked for some 'mayim'. Amusingly enough he has been asking for 'mayim' (water) at home for the last week. But as usual the little perfectionist won't trot out his skills until they're spot-on.

An English word that he's been happily using for the last week is one that all people find quite useful, 'money'. At first we thought he meant actual money, because he would point to tzedaka boxes or our wallets and say it. Then we realized that his real intention was for the kind of money that little kids love - especially on Chanuka because it's so plentiful - he'll happily take the milk, dark, or white chocolate coin varieties. He's not picky. "Mmmm, Imma, money..."

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I can hardly believe or understand how a whole 7 days of chanuka flew by. We kicked off the first night with an awesome party at The FamBily House. S&S and The Freddies were there too! The Crazy Lady cooked up a delicious spread and there was a whole bunch of gift-giving. Quite the exciting party. On Thursday morning (the 2nd day of chanuka) we woke up to the exciting news that The Freddies had welcomed a son into their fambily! Yay!!! The third day of Chanuka was Friday and we celebrated with a party at gan with Buzz and his whole class. It was pretty adorable - I've got to get those pictures off of the 'other' camera. We were joined for the fourth candle - shabbos chanuka - by Ari Krischer and a friend. It was quite the funny wekeend and everybody seemed to enjoy. Not wanting to send them away without gifts I invited them to harvest some of the delicious juicy citrus fruits from The FamBily garden - oranges and pomellos aplenty for everyone.
We lit the fifth candle at The FamBily House with everybody after havdalah. then we made our way home and hung out with Sarah Leah for a few hours until her bus was scheduled to depart. Buzz had 'vacation' on Sunday and Monday, which meant that we spent two days together. On Sunday we relaxed at home and got a whole lot of random things cleaned. We eventually got picked up and went for a ride to the mall, then the new donut bakery, and on an adventure to the SuperBus office. Night number 7 was quiet and boring after a craaaazy long day spent with the little crazy-man. Thankfully our shenanigans tired him out and he fell asleep nice and early at 8:15pm.
Today Buzz went back to gan - and I sighed an enormous sigh of relief. I finally organized the living/dining room and swept the floor. The kitchen is mostly clean too. I have 1 load of laundry to do tomorrow then I can go back top pretending that my house is neat-enough to live in without being embarrassed if visitors show up unannounced. Today was the coldest day of the winter so far - the thermometer was hovering around 15C when we got the The FamBily House after gan-pickup.

The Crazy Lady was awesome and packed us some dinner-to-go. we got some awesome vegetable soup, and Z absconded with a whole tray of leftover Indian-style chicken with chickpeas. As usual his eyes were bigger than his stomach (so I'll be returning two legs and a thigh to The FamBily tomorrow.)

We lit our candles and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Then we gave Buzz his second present of the holiday. (Though to be fair, his first one was a new toothbrush that he needed desperately...) We managed to snag an awesome kiddie power-tool-kit from one of the buy/sell/swap groups that I haunt. Totally worth it! yes it requires batteries and makes sounds, but somehow they're not so annoying because they just sound like power-tools. To be honest though, he seems to like the safety-goggles and (quiet) flashlight the best, so I'm not complaining,
Light up the nights! Have a great rest of the day! Hopefully I'll be back again soon!